When the Child Calls

When the Child calls

let her pull you in

(this time, at least)

Observe as she reaches for This Moment,

pulling it toward her, too

The sand, so different

there's a crunch-smoosh, crunch-smoosh

Each wave with its Name

& Spirit

The Beach! ... it is

Full of screams!

Shape shifting waters,

running, crashing, pulling,
each wave, pulling for Home
where all waves become One
after their brief lives, alone

(but not alone, really, were they?
This, the child knows)

And hot sand cools to warm sand &
wet & sticky sand

Sand crabs, broken shell
Sea gull, fetid smell

All awash in the freshest of breezes

(the Sea's is)

Maybe, a moment,

You will Live again

Play is just presence

The Child Within!

Who was with you, was you, all this time

(as wave with ocean)

Welcome back, my Friend!

Let's expect

More to come.

(Remember: He said,
You must be, He said,
Like the little children.)