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We interrupt your regularly scheduled life for a broadcast of the Global Emergency Broadcast System. this is not a test.


Dear Friend, Planet Earth is telling us very clearly now that our time to act to protect ecosystems that support our species, and nearly all others, is limited; which means, we must act, and act swiftly, NOW.

Those of you in pronounced emotional and spiritual distress get a pass. We love you and support you!

Ami remains available to lead workshops and groups, and to provide individual consult and coaching for those experiencing discomfort or distress in any aspect of their lives, for those seeking mentoring or basic teaching around the Three Principles, and/or for those seeking guidance around their coaching practice. Feel free to end your reading here and contact us directly.

For those of you who are beginning to feel the urgency of the global climate crisis, we must also each face current reality within our own personal time frames. What this means is that we must see and accept that the house we live in is burning down. One does not plan to re-arrange the furniture, nor buy new furniture when one’s house is burning down.

Dear Honorable Friend, where will your coaching practice be when people just outside your door, possibly including yourself and your family are malnourished because of massive crop failures across the global grain belt, because fisheries across the world have collapsed? When your home has lost all value, and you must move because your groundwater supply been contaminated by sea water? … This is what many, many scientists are now predicting for us, and not for “end of century”—which is also too soon—but actually for within the next ten years—some say less.

We are so deeply sorry to have to convey this message. This is not generally what one wants to hear when coming to a website purported to focus on spiritual and psychological uplift. Nonetheless, spiritual truth does not imply that we as a species cannot exhaust the resources that support us on this planet. It has happened for other species before ours. And nonetheless, there is a freedom of release in facing facts. … Spiritual truth means we can truly believe, or, rather, truly KNOW that our well-being, our wisdom, our essential being-ness is untouched by even news that, given increasingly non-linear, accelerating feedback loops in the Arctic, oceans and elsewhere, we currently face widespread global social collapse. Spiritual truth means …

we can become beacons of light, energy, love, creativity and help during this time of global distress.

Ami has shifted her focus to working on both mitigating climate change, and exploring “Positive Deep Adaptation” as applied to current and coming changes and the global crisis. One new focus is family strength, particularly for parents who will need to be resilient and strong in the face of what to do now; the other new focus is in helping people and communities in relation to climate and adaptation, or “deep adaptation.” Churches, temples, mosques, spiritual centers, cities, governments and neighborhoods can actually do a tremendous amount toward protecting and bolstering their citizenry, but first, they must face facts, tell the truth to their constituents, and act accordingly.

The rest of us must meditate, reflect, think and act nearly every day in one way or another toward mitigation and adaptation, whether that means contacting our governmental representatives at the city/state/federal level, taking steps to drive less, to carpool or to home garden and compost, to begin more bartering and sharing, to create prepared communities, to engage in permaculture, and/or reduce plastic use and first and foremost, to dramatically reduce overall consumption.

Some of us may intuitively feel we must first work more deeply on our “inner life,” and this is totally fair. Wisdom guides each one of us uniquely, but accurately. Some of us may wish to be a support to those in climate distress, or to those involved in industries or lifestyles that have contributed heavily to the problem, but now would like a way out, a way forward, a way to help. Ami supports this effort fully.

Ami has recently begun a social media campaign called #EcoMom and #EcoPhoto, and recommends Citizens Climate Lobby (in the US, Canada and New Zealand) and Extinction Rebellion (those are links) at this time—although there are many other wonderful, hardworking and highly effective groups and movements. Just choose one, or do your own thing … Basically, do something.

One planet. Last chance. There is no Planet B.



“I work from a simple understanding of 'how life works' that is at the core—and is the essence of—nearly every religion and spiritual path, every psychology that works. By our thoughts we create our emotional and physical realities. When we look to the source of Thought and Consciousness, we discover a great love.

"This is the simple love of our own being-ness we may remember from childhood, or in our quietest moments. It is totally familiar, and yet, totally extraordinary. Along with this love, comes a deep intelligence, or wisdom, that generates harmony in our life experience. This harmony translates in our relationships, work and family lives.

"You are the source of your own mental health, well-being and insight. Your capacity for all three is unlimited. My job is to help you understand this, so you can walk through life as a free human being.”