Testimonials and Outcomes

Coming Soon: Outcomes from nearly four decades oF innate resiliency/Principles-based work in schools, communities and organizations across the U.S. and elsewhere ... stay tuned.

I used to think that my happiness came from outside of me, in external achievements or in “doing stuff.” ...

Ami introduced me to the Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness. Her guidance came at an invaluable time. I was in college and experiencing depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, completely at a loss for where to turn. After just a few sessions with Ami, I realized that the answers to my “problems” come from within—from my personal wisdom, the truth that has always been there. I now feel a great sense of confidence moving forward with my life.
— Rebekah Wilson, 22 years old
Ami’s wisdom and presence as a leader allow others to discover their own capacity for brilliance and genius. Her unique ability to lead awakens inspiration, and a sense of possibility. It is a joy and pleasure to watch her unleash the magic of the human spirit.
— Gabriela Maldonado-Montano, Three Principles Facilitator of 20 years
Ami is a deep soul, able to help people find health and clarity with a simple, light-hearted approach to coaching and counseling. I highly recommend Ami for learning about the basic principles of how the mind works ... and how to live with grace and ease.
— Ken Manning, co-founder Insight Principles, co-author, Invisible Power
Whether writing or speaking, Ami’s voice is clear, visionary, gentle, wise and spiritually uplifting. Humble and humorous, she also owns her power, and points to the formless source of life with a depth and confidence that comes from having glimpsed eternal,
unchanging Truth.

Ami leads from within, and that is beautiful to see and experience. She is true to her wisdom, and that is true courage! Anyone who takes the time to pull a chair up close, and really listen to what Ami has to share will experience one of life’s great treasures.
— Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit, counseling psychologist