The three principles

Buchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Buchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

The free principles

I call the Three Principles the "Free Principles" because, by their nature, they are owned by no one, and everyone. Nonetheless, there is a rapidly growing body of practitioners who teach these Principles, many of whom are very beautiful and wise individuals.

Just remember, no matter who your teacher, these Principles are yours, and wisdom, Truth lies in you, beyond your limiting personal thought system. This is the whole meaning and revelation of the Three Principles.

Mr. Banks shared with us spiritual facts that are formless and unchanging. If you look closely, these Principles can be found at the core of nearly every meaningful spiritual and religious tradition or teaching, as well as in many forms of psychology. Indeed, they have created all of them.

Looking to the “earthly” source of the Principles—Mr. Sydney Banks—is instructive and enlightening ... because of the deep insight and realization of Consciousness from which he spoke, and who he was. I highly recommend this. 

Ami Chen


“Wherever you go, Truth is with you, always.”
— Sydney Banks, The Enlightened Gardener




Mind …

is the energy and intelligence of all things, whether in the form or formless. We are all a part of this One Mind, which is also Love, Intelligence, Life.

Thought …

is the power or "principle" that allows us to perceive creation and to generate unique perceptions of creation (separate realities). It is via Thought that we construct our identities and insecurities, moods and maladies. When we realize Thought, we gain the freedom and power to begin to transcend our limited, personal thought system, to transcend fear. We awaken to our true possibility, to live as free intelligence, as formless spirit.

Consciousness …

is awareness. Thought comes “alive” within our senses and through what we call our feelings and emotions–all via Consciousness and the brain. We experience our thinking (even “sub-conscious” thinking) always. We cannot escape this simple fact. And thus our conscious reality is created from the inside-out, through Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

You are not what you think. You are not your beliefs, your values, your diagnoses, your habits. You are the fact of Thought itself and, beyond all personal thoughts, you are Consciousness itself–intelligent, aware, unfathomable and eternal.

Those Three Principles use the brain to have an experience.

— Sydney Banks, in conversation