Light on the horizon: fridays for earth

Unleashing Spiritual Wisdom Within the Climate Crisis

Whether we believe the “light on the horizon” is coming or going, our best response comes from the deep well of wisdom, within. These free Friday webinars are open to all who wish to dive more deeply into the feeling of love, wisdom, courage, creativity and strength that are called for in these times.

Whether we believe the “light on the horizon” is coming or going, our best response comes from the deep well of wisdom, within. These free Friday webinars are open to all who wish to dive more deeply into the feeling of love, wisdom, courage, creativity and strength that are called for in these times.


Light on the Horizon: Fridays for Earth 

A free, weekly, Friday webinar to support and encourage those who: 

1) Are concerned and wish to become active around the climate crisis 

2) Are already active and seek psychological and spiritual support

3) Are experiencing stress, sadness, and/or anxiety generally around the climate crisis and are seeking kinship, wisdom and peace of mind

Activists, corporate leaders and employees, mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles and aunties, small business, government officials, families, youth …

all are welcome.

Founded in a profoundly simple “Three Principles”/innate-wisdom, spiritual psychology, it is our shared vision that these webinars:

  • Bring people together across geographical boundaries, class, race and occupation (or lack thereof)  to face a unifying crisis 

  • Generate insightful, out-of-the-box solutions for individuals, organizations, governments and activist groups and support action on those solutions

  • Help us all act from a feeling of unity, sanity and love as we embark collectively on—and face—massive, global change

  • Help us each come from our innate peace of mind, sense of abundance and generosity as we draw down our personal carbon footprints and overall consumption

  • Promote a shift in human consciousness: From a false, fragile and limited sense of self, toward an understanding of who and what we really are, and what true “wealth,” fulfillment and happiness are

  • Connect humanity with its fundamental origins, and assist to re-integrate with the whole--of the ecosystem and one another--as opposed to thinking and acting as separate from, “in power over,” “in control of,” or entitled. Earth is clearly showing now that she will, indeed, bat last.

Why Fridays for Earth?

Our societies have become increasingly frantic and distracted. A perceived and accepted lack of personal time for contemplation, for gratitude and simply enjoying life, is impacting mental health and well-being, globally. The current climate crisis threatens to--and is, in fact, beginning to--catapult us into an even deeper mental health crisis. Already, post-trauma from larger, increasingly devastating natural disasters, forced migration due to diminishing natural resources and fractured ecosystems, and climate anxiety and despair are all now part of our global landscape.

A Spiritual Tradition of Rest
The roots of the Jewish Shabbat, Christian Sabbath and Muslim Fridays (Yaum al-Jumu’ah)* are derived from the spiritual need to cease production, commerce, consumption, achievement, future- and past-thinking, busy-ness, mindless activity and move into prayer, contemplation, reflection, stillness, peace of mind and love. 

Join us every Friday for a free webinar and opportunity to rest and regenerate.

Use this Zoom meeting link at 9 am PST and 5 pm UK time:

Please note, calls will be recorded and posted at YouTube for others. We are also planning to expand into different time zones so as to serve Asia, New Zealand, Australia, India, etc.

These Fridays are meant to help us all with our mental health and connection to Earth, ourselves and one another--as well as to support activities (or “non-activities”) that are positive for the planet’s ecosystems and species--including our own.

A Call to Cease Commerce and Production

Further, Naomi Kline (This Changes Everything) and others have advocated a four-day work week as a way to immediately impact global CO2 output. Others have also advocated a simple lessening of both working and consuming as a way to immediately drawdown CO2 production.

A Call From the Children for Help
We have consciously chosen Fridays in order to support Greta Thunberg and the children climate strikers. Thunberg is the Swedish 16-year-old and Nobel Peace Prize nominee who began climate strikes Fridays, outside the Swedish parliament.

Greta has called for Friday school strikes every Friday, and now adults are joining in, with #FridaysForFuture, and a Global Climate Strike called by children around the world and supported by nearly all major environmental groups and including: scientist and author Bill McKibben, linguist and author Noam Chomsky, author Barbara Kingsolver, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, author and journalist Naomi Kline and more. This begins Sept. 20, 2019.

However, we are not mandating anyone strike on these Fridays for Earth. While we understand it may not be possible to take the day off, we simply invite you to clear all or part of the day to pause and reflect with us. We may choose to join a protest or public strike, but let us set aside this day of the week to discover for ourselves how we can draw down carbon in our personal lives, or simply do a whole lot of nothing. One of our movies-as-motto is “Christopher Robin” (and, we suppose, our mascot then, is Winnie-the-Pooh). We recommend you watch this.

Gentle Suggestions
We suggest you clear the day from engaging in money making activities and purchasing products (other than needed food), refrain from eating meat and dairy, (possibly fast if you feel inclined) and spend time instead on activities that are carbon-lite and draw the love out of you, whether that be gardening, walking, making love, being with friends and family, reading or watching/listening to uplifting materials, making or listening to music, getting or giving a massage, creating art or engaging in hobbies.

And a Challenge …

We challenge ourselves and each other to experiment on these Fridays with leaving almost no carbon footprint on this day. We may even be able to help sequester carbon by composting, gardening, planting trees. Some activities to avoid, if possible:

  • Driving (except on mass transit)

  • Flying

  • Shopping (except for needed food)

  • Engaging in the economy via stock trading, investing

  • Planning, working on business projects, even activism, if you can possibly take a break

  • Interfacing with technology and social media, except the webinar!

  • Using a lot of electricity or gas

  • Eating meat and dairy

The idea is that if we become very intentional one day of the week, these “good habits” will spread to other days of the week. And this “pause that refreshes” will also regenerate and spread good mental health out into the rest of the week, and our worlds.

List of Topics and Dates

We will rotate through these topics with more “on the horizon” … We encourage you to join us on each call if you can, as we hope to begin to intermix various groups of people who may not normally encounter each other.

  • 7/5/19 Intro: Down to Earth** ... Facing Facts and Coming Home to Truth, Wisdom, Love for Earth and Each Other. How are three simple principles important when confronting this global issue? This webinar is not recommended for children under age 15.

  • 7/12 From Climate Grief & Anxiety to Peace of Mind & Wise Action

  • 7/19 Do What You Love: Personal Change and/or Political Engagement Exploring what feels right for each of us. Resources and recommendations will be available.

  • 7/26 Beyond Burnout, Toward Regenerative Culture: Spiritual and Practical Support for Activists

  • 8/2 From Ego to Eco: The Real Roots of the Crisis--our thinking, consciousness and states of mind.

  • 8/9 Comm-Unity: What if all living things think, feel and experience a reality, as humans do? What would that mean for our relationship with them and how would we interact with them? Feeling and experiencing our deep connection is key--to ourselves, one another and the whole.

On the Horizon: Guest Speakers and Special Topics in business, education, government, families, youth, including suggestions and topics requested from group. Plus list of resources: activist groups across a broad spectrum of involvement, books and videos, on-line discussion groups and more.


*“Yaum al-Jumu'ah,” from the Qu’ran: “O true believers, when you are called to prayer on the day of the assembly, hasten to the commemoration of God and cease trading. This is better for you, if you have understanding. … Only when prayer is ended, scatter in the country and ask for the bounty of God: commemorate God frequently, so that you may prosper … However, when they see any business or amusement, they flock there and leave you standing. Say: that which is with God is better than amusement and business; and God is the best supplier.”

**Coming “down to Earth” means landing in what is truly authentic for us, looking squarely at reality—without distraction, denial and dissembly. Down to Earth is also French political philosopher Bruno LaTour’s book on the need for a “third attractor,” beyond “Left and Right,” a positive, magnetic alternative to the deadly, expansive globalism that now threatens our life support system (Earth) and the fearful, local tribalism that excludes all “others” … and toward a view of the terrestrial as our interdependent life support system.

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