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"What are you? Beyond the Personal Thought System"

"Clear Your Mind"


You don't have to DO anything to quiet your mind. It all comes from within ... When we surrender control, we discover our natural meditative state, requiring nothing

"On Movements & the Truth"


Ami Chen talks about what is behind, before, within, the source of all personal Thought--what is always here? What are You? ... What happens when we simply "Stop"? ... with great gratitude to Sydney Banks and Gangaji

"Consciousness is Always Here"

Audio Recordings

1. outsourcing Well-bEING

Ami talks with Julie Stiles, host of the podcast, "Being Well," about the "10,000 ways" we outsource our well-being. How can we stop externalizing our well-being or projecting it into the past or future? When we truly stop, we discover that well-being has always been with us, as us, here, in this moment.

2. Beyond Borders of Culture and Subculture: The Truth is Everywhere Part I

“The Truth is everywhere if we are open.” —Ami Chen

This is part one of a two-part series with Ami Chen and Sheela Masand. Discussion involves seeing past our particular cultures and subcultures (nationality, ethnicity, family, region, religion and even spiritual or self-help cultures) to recognize the Truth everywhere, and in everyone. Subtopics include relationships, guilt and blame and much more …

3. Beyond Borders of Culture and Subculture: The Truth is Everywhere Part II

This is part two of a two-part series with Ami Chen hosted by Sheela Masand. Topics include: Discovering Truth in the details of our everyday lives. Truth in family life. The role of spiritual (including 3 Principles-based) teachers and spiritual “places.” Emptiness and the Unknown. Letting go of stories. Prayer and surrender.

 4. The Three Principles and Non-Duality

Podcast with Eoin McCabe

This podcast covers Ami’s childhood on Salt Spring Island, and her impressions of what happened there. This interview also explories the intersection between the two very powerful worlds of the Three Principles, and “Non-Duality.” When the light of the Principles (thought creates experience) is shone on ideas of identity and self-concept, of “self” and “other,” what do we disover? Greater mental and spiritual freedom, and a vitalizing power that comes from the loving energy of Mind, the Universal.

5. Reflections on Education with mahima: part i

Ami talks with Mahima Shrestha of Nepal about education, and her "3 Principles" background; then delves into: What is learning?, "natural learning," and current educational research as related to academic achievement. The negative impact of retention, and how "mind-set," and state of mind in kids and teachers impacts learning. How educators can find their own essence, and discover "true education."

"What I discover is then what I can share."  -Ami Chen

6. Reflections on education with mahima: part ii

Ami continues her conversation with Mahima about education and how the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought impact learning,

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