Events 2019



Coming Events of Interest:

June, 2019

June 2-4, 2019: Ami will be speaking at the “Life 2.0” Conference in London, “An Easier Life Through a Simple Understanding of the Mind” … London, U.K. For registration, schedule and information, click here.

June 9-11, 2019: Ami will be attending and lobbying Congress at the Citizens Climate Lobby Conference in Washington D.C. … in support of the sole carbon tax bill currently in the House, HR 763: “The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act..” Fact: The window for saving eco-systems that support human, and most other life on Earth is closing rapidly. This is truly our last chance to act to protect our life support system and this beautiful Earth for our children and their children. Please help, and ask your local representative to support and sign on:

Everyday: One Planet, Last Chance … Ami recommends Extinction Rebellion as a global citizens movement to demand governments “tell the truth” about climate change, enact Climate State of Emergencies and act accordingly, with binding oversight from Citizens commissions. If such actions are too little, too late, Ami recommends looking into “Positive Deep Adaptation” strategies for all communities who wish to be smart, wise and emotionally and spiritually prepared for ongoing and coming food shortages, mass migration, power outages, etc.