The End of Your Story

And so, this drama, like all good dramas, has had its rising tensions, its abject miseries and hair-raising terrors, all of it building again and again into great, emotional crescendos!

There has been enormous pleasure ... subsiding into disappointment

Terrible pain resolving into peace

All of it so that a truly happy ending, now, might engender a divine Release

If you have suffered and are done
If you are exhausted
If you have lost, if you have won
If your pleasures have all run dry and if your pain has gone on
And on ...

Now is the time for the End of Your Story

Now is the time for your Happy Ending!

Now you know what does not work, and perhaps you have surrendered by degrees ...

Let it all go, my beautiful Friend!

What a Wild and Loving God birthed this Infinite Realm of Infinite Experience

In which we taste, touch, feel all forms of exquisite and banal suffering,

Until we discover a Light

This One

That has illuminated it all, always and

Which, as well,

Is World Without End