Good Mother

We are a species of ideas which translate into

many projects, philosophies, wars

All manner of spectacular forms, and horrors

Ongoing, out-there, and also in our heads!


And, like a Good Mother


Bears witness

Good Mother, Good Earth

Loving without judging

Giving of her forests, oceans, rivers, streams, mineral innards

Bowels, lungs, limbs

Like the Giving Tree,

She gives

Wounded, polluted, tickled, poked, raked, dragged over, sifted, melted, churned, burned, smoked out

Even when we only contaminate our minds

She offers her balm of

Mother's Love of

Right Here, Right Now

Dew on the trembling, browning leaf

Hummingbird on the line

Ocean filling its unfathomable space

Every cell, nearby and far, breathing and



Calling us Home to 

Reality--Here, Now


We may even  mature--our wayward species--and

grow up out of this prolonged adolescence of taking-getting-becoming


Perhaps we will grow up and out of our selfish ways

And realize, as

Grown Ups do

with some amazement

the Goodness of our Mother

Our Total Bounty

Our Endless Fortune

Our Divine Inheritance

And take up the honorable work of

Good Children

Caring for their Mother