Little Gurus Everywhere!

We have an almost invisible, immediate cadre of spiritual teachers available to most of us--for some of us, within our very own homes.

I am speaking of children.

Having just hosted seven young children here at my home for a birthday sleepover, I observed the following highly enlightening traits of these smallish gurus.

1) They do not think much about time (if at all) and so tend to trust their natural inclinations. (Time to eat! Time to play! Time to throw all the couch pillows on the floor and use them as stepping stones.)

2) While they can occasionally be petty and squabble, they are more often than not kind and extremely generous. They are ultimately Loving. Love is a natural (as opposed to "reached for" or earned) condition, in which they live. They like to hug and be hugged.

3) They are not afraid of feeling or expressing strong emotions.

And, at the same time ...

4) They are quick to move past a strong emotion and simply forget all about it.

5) When they are sick, they are not particularly interested in why they got sick, who is to blame for their sickness, nor what type of sickness it is and/or how it might have been avoided. They are simply sick, and hope to get well.

6)  They seek to find the joy and fun and humor in every moment and circumstance. They are deeply interested in the Present.

7) They care more about candy and sweets than money.

8) They (generally) do not care how their hair looks, nor whether it has been combed or washed in the past few days.

9) They like to wear bright colors with shiny stuff. It is OK if socks do not match, and also OK if pants, shirts, etc. do not match.

10) If we are parents or caregivers, children can push us to the outer limits of our own thoughts and beliefs about life, and how life and children should be. If we are attentive, we can learn to become wide open, vulnerable, courageous and tough. We can learn to love more deeply than we ever have before, and let go in ways we never thought possible.

Join me this coming Friday, February 22, on the On the Front Porch internet radio show for more about the gifts of children, and how we, as parents, can learn from them--and bring out the best in our kids. At 10 a.m. Pacific Time (U.S.) on the Contact Talk Radio network. Live callers welcome.

With Love,

Your Mystical Mama!

The Gifts of Sydney Banks

How will I ever repay the tremendous gift of my own fortunate birth--to a courageous father who would follow a call to go and meet a man on a small and quiet island off the coast of Vancouver Island, Salt Spring?

Indeed the very salt of the earth sprang forth from this place in the form, the presence and the words of Mr. Sydney Banks. A welder with a ninth-grade education, his profound awakening, without a spiritual "path," without religion, without a form of meditation, a self-help technique or psychoanalysis; his "death" to ego, speaks so very much to us all.

Spiritual truth lives within us, it is alive within us. As it was alive in an "ordinary" person by the name of Syd. As it is alive within you!

This week's radio show reflects on both the gift of Sydney Banks that he shared with my father and the world, the "Three Principles" of Mind, Consciousness and Thought ... and the simple fact of his being--with honesty, love, kindness, generosity, humility and at the same time, great power and even ferocity.

And then there is the moment in which we each must "grow up." To turn our attention away from the form of the teacher, the guru, and within, toward our own connection to living, infinite truth. When Mr. Banks died, those of us who were his students, in one form or another, were given the tremendous opportunity to find the truth that he shared inside of ourselves.

How do we meet this challenge? Can we trust that, as Mr. Banks said, "the truth lies within?" Can our lives be a testament to this fact?

I think you know my answer ;) ...

Tune in on Friday and join the discussion at Or listen to the archive at a later date. Your comments most welcome!

With Great Love,

Yours Mystical Mama

Note: the photo was taken on the evening of Syd's memorial service in Victoria, BC.

The Sages

The sages
have exhausted
all their metaphors!

Sky, cloud, ocean, wave
Window, wind, desert, plank
Onion, rain, mountain, mustard seed
Music, tree, rose, lily
Lotus, sprout, field (fertile and not)
infant, elder, adolescent
Father, son, ghost
Me, You, Us
Copulation, orgasm, Lover!

We will need to find
a new planet
to keep on talking
of Love!

I fear the sages
must be weary by now

Perhaps it is time to take them seriously,
Take matters into our own hands, my Friend
And find Reality for ourselves

Trust me when I tell you:
You have everything you need
for this noble journey


So we can end
all this talking!