Most People

"That which is in You, when released, will Save you. And that which is in you, if not released, will destroy you." 

"And I say to you: What you seek and inquire after, look, it is within you."

--Jesus of Nazareth.

Most people

I meet

Live according to rules

They did not create

And which have NOT

Been stamped

With the Sacred & Tender


that Kiss

Of their own Soul

Most people

Ascribe to values

Aspire to dreams



Down through

These bloody, tortured Eons

Unquestioned, Unexamined

Leaden, weighty, death-giving

Most people

Are not quite sure

Where they are going

But know only

They must

Get there soon!

Most people

Cling tightly

To gems that once

Were of Great Value

But now have turned to dust

Within their grip

And so,

With most people,

Conversations can be

Rather dull


Once you have had a taste

of This Freedom

My Friend,

Once that door has cracked open

So that the light gets in

So that the light gets in

You will not be going back!

You have Embarked

On the Pathless Path

And become

Unique in All the World.

Loved, Lover, Loving

with One Allegiance only ...



And, so, you are Welcome to stop

For tea

In my home