Wisdom school

Six-Month Personal Grounding and Professional Development Program


September 2017 - February 2018

"Being Peace is Teaching Peace" - Ami Chen Mills-Naim

A personal growth and professional development program founded on simple, yet transformative psycho-spiritual Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought (first introduced by Mr. Sydney Banks and now impacting both the business and non-profit helping world, globally) ... dedicated to advancing wisdom, spiritual maturity, expanded consciousness, inspired collaboration, and productive dialogue and understanding in society.


Personal growth and grounding:

All true leadership and helping in this world stems from one place - the heart and mind of the leader. When leaders and helpers have found their own way to non-contingent well-being and core peace, they impact others both by their leadership, and by their simple presence.

"True leadership, true 'helping' begins only with the grounding and understanding and personal freedom of the individual. This is our focus in this program. By becoming free ourselves - internally - we free others. This is as natural as the wind, as the rain. When we are ourselves, totally, we nourish, we give, we love."
- Ami Chen

This six-month program, including two retreats in gorgeous locations, and five live, on-line webinars, as well as personal coaching with Ami Chen faculty and special guests, has as its focus the following for all participants:

  • Greatly reduced stress and insecurity via understanding the role and nature of Thought (belief systems, separate realities) in our lives
  • Improved listening and collaborative capacity
  • Improved collegial and family relationships
  • Increased insight and creativity
  • Improved capacity for "cross-divide" dialogue and true heart to heart connection with others.
  • Peace of mind

Santa Ynez, CA Retreat Site, Sept. 8-11: "The Simple Truth"

spiritual maturity

  • Increased capacity to see Truth across religions and spiritual traditions ... as well as across psychological approaches
  • Increased capacity to find Love and inner freedom within any and all life circumstances
  • Increased attention to and understanding of the formless nature of Truth and its complete independence from all "forms" of teaching and sharing

professional DEVELOPMENT

From leaders in their fields, and coaches to coaches ... We will explore how our grounding plays out in the "real world" ...

  • Non-profit and community, including inner city settings
  • Business and Corporate Leadership
  • Government
  • Education
  • Family Life

Retreats, Monthly webinars, Coaching

  • Two retreats Sept 2017 & Feb 2018. We first meet in Santa Ynez, CA at a private estate (Sept. 8-11);  and in Kauai, HI, at the Waipa Foundation on the North Shore, in Hanalei (Feb. 9-11, 2018) ... Santa Ynez and Kauai retreats are both open to the public, with special sessions for Wisdom School participants following each retreat. Retreats can be attended via live stream, though we recommend your actual presence.
  • Five monthly group webinars with long-time practitioners on the Early  to help further your understanding of the "Three Principles," your own innate well-being and boundless capacity for love, freedom and resilience.
  • Seven sessions of personal coaching with Ami Chen and various faculty members, as well as possible special invited guests.
  • Recommended reading and A/V materials across spiritual teachings and traditions; and Innate Well-Being video resources, courtesy of Innate Well-Being UK.
  • Special Online Group Forum (Private forum via Facebook)
  • REDUCED! Special Launch Year Pricing: $3500. Payment plans available; and a small number of partial scholarships available to those in financial need.

Kauai, Hawaii Retreat Site, Feb. 9-11th, 2018

To Apply, please send an email to info@amichen.com and describe your interest in this program. Include your phone number and physical address. We will schedule an interview to determine suitability and answer your questions about this training. 

Certificate of Completion Offered to All Participants

Your host for this program, Ami Chen Mills-Naim, is a leader in teaching applications of direct spiritual truth - including the Three Principles - across populations: from executive coaches to schools to community agencies, governmental bodies and mental health services. She is author of The Spark Inside and State of Mind in the Classroom (with her late father Dr. Roger Mills) and was both Director of the non-profit Center for Sustainable Change and its National Community Resiliency Project, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which produced dramatic outcomes in challenged communities across the United States, including: reduced crimes rates, reduced violence in communities, higher academic outcomes, reduced depression and increased civic engagement in target communities.

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"Ami is one of the teachers I admire most for her wisdom and understanding ... She is one of the most authentic and accessible practitioners just about anywhere. ... And she weaves contemporary life issues into the conversation in a way that points to living an engaged life on emotional, spiritual, psychological, and even political levels. Everything she shares is about how an inside-out understanding of life enriches us all in wonderful and unexpected ways." Rob Friend, Student, Colleague