Distance Learning Program

New! Includes 7 Sessions, with three “Three Principles” coaches and mentors, and a Certificate of Completion



Distance Learning Facilitator Training & Grounding Program

When one receives a life-altering understanding of the Three Principles, the personal impact is often so great, a deep desire arises to share this understanding with others. Ami Chen's Distance Learning Program is for those who wish to share the Three Principles understanding in their work, or less formally, in their lives, and for those those who are already using this approach and would like the opportunity to significantly deepen or expand their impact in a broader context.

This program is designed to give you a deeper understanding and experience of Life, Truth and the Principles, as well as a better understanding of how to engage the wisdom of the clients or communities with which you engage. Ultimately, this relates directly to your own experience of wisdom, of who and what you are.

Once you experience that people truly are the source of their own solutions, you move from an outside-­in view of life, and discover the generative potential and vitality of partnership-­style relationships. This releases you from the pressure of having to “fix” other people’s problems, and increases your capacity to stay fresh and excited about your work and your life, whatever your role may be.

  • Includes: Seven sessions via phone, Zoom or Skype with Ami Chen and two practitioners from the Ami Chen Faculty Group. Certificate of Completion. Ten percent discount on future public retreats for one year from start date of program, as well as for two years for future Facilitator Training.