"On the Front Porch with Ami Chen: Spiritual Dialogues for the 21st Century"

In 2012, Ami launched her own radio show in conjunction with Contact Talk Radio. This live show and iTunes Podcast ran for nearly three years, until, with the increasing popularity of "Three Principles" psychology, podcasts and radio shows began to "spring up" the world over. Ami decided then that the show was no longer needed. At the time, however, it was one of the very first audio series on the Principles and "formless truth" available to a global audience.

See below for our radio show archives (though we are still missing a few ... get in touch if you have the last few shows!) including interviews with Drs. Bill and Linda Pettit, the spiritual teacher Gangaji, Anita Moorjani, Clytee Mills, Joe Bailey, Dicken Bettinger, Gabriela-Maldonado-Montano, Jen Lucas and many more!

It’s a pleasure to be here, on the “Front Porch,” where the important conversations take place.
— Gangaji, Global Spiritual Teacher & Author
“I applaud your willingness to throw away any form for the sake of Truth. Your courage has been an inspiration and support.”
— Dicken Bettinger, Global Spiritual/3 Principles Teacher & Author
The global spiritual teacher and author, Gangaji, appeared on the show three times. Please find these episodes with her, below ...

The global spiritual teacher and author, Gangaji, appeared on the show three times. Please find these episodes with her, below ...



1. Dive In! Fri, 10 Feb 2012 The launch of "On the Front Porch with Ami Chen" includes Ami's background and personal story, the inspiration for the show, and foundations in the simple, spiritual principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought that underlie all beliefs, and belief systems--that create our personal realities.

2. Spiritual Maturity Fri, 24 Feb 2012, In which we stop tip-toeing around the truth! Ami continues with her "life story" and finding the stopping point in the search for spiritual "growth." More discussion of the Principles, and the root cause of issues: identity.

3. Spiritual Maturity Part 2 Fri, 9 Mar 2012, On Being No One and Nothing! Explorations on the role of a teacher, on wisdom as a moving target, and what is "enlightenment?" Ami continues her "story" as a foundation for the show. Readings from Syd Banks and Toni Packer.

4. Wisdom is a Moving Target Fri, 23 Mar 2012, What is "the living truth?" Do we turn to teachers, to gurus, or to spiritual and religious traditions for "truth," or do we take their deepest and perennial advice, to turn WITHIN? After laying the groundwork for this new show and podcast in the first 3 shows, Ami invites callers to reflect on the topic and call-in with their questions and insights.

5. Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing Fri, 13 Apr 2012, Anita was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and doctors told her family she was just hours away from death. It was at this point that she “crossed over” and then returned again into this world with a clearer understanding of her life’s purpose. This understanding subsequently led to a total recovery of her health.

6. Listening as Being with Dr. Dicken Bettinger Fri, 27 Apr 2012, How can listening be a state of being? Is listening always present within us? Can we listen to our moods, our selves, our children in a new way that frees us from conditioned & painful responses and reactions to life? Ami and Psychologist Dicken Bettinger of 3 Principles Mentoring have a light-hearted, yet profound dialogue on Listening, Wisdom and Consciousness.

7. Relation%#@! ... Elationship! Fri, 11 May 2012 Special Guest Gabriela Maldonado-Montano, former Co-Director of the Center for Sustainable Change, dialogues with Ami Chen about how to see past peoples' behaviors and habits of thought, to the core of relationship--Love and understanding. And how to navigate conflict and misunderstanding with grace & security from within.

8. Live with Gangaji! Fri, 25 May 2012, One of the leading spiritual lights of our day, Gangaji, author of The Diamond in Your Pocket, You Are That and Hidden Treasure will speak on "calling off the search," and recognizing that you are already Home. Join Ami Chen as she interviews one of her favorite spiritual teachers--a woman whose clarity, freedom, love and compassion resonate worldwide. You are already FREE!

9. The Power of Unconditional Love Fri, 8 Jun 2012 Bill Cumming of "What One Person Can Do" & The Boothby Institute on the transformational power of unconditional love. In 1964, Cumming helped found a Ford Foundation Project, which became the pilot for Upward Bound. Now a globally beloved coach and teacher, and author of the new children's & parents' book, Absolutely & Unconditionally, Bill is one of Ami's favorite people on the planet.

10. Love, Respect and Mental Health Fri, 22 Jun 2012, Joel Slack, of Respect International, on the essence of help and healing around mental illness: love and respect. Slack is a former psychiatric consumer--now global mental health trainer & advocate who serves on Rosalynn Carter's Mental Health Task Force. Slack was dramatically impacted by Sydney Banks' work and the 3 Principles. Topics include: making peace with mental illness; how the traditional mental health system falls short of helping people to heal, & how the Principles could help.

11. Money & Support Fri, 13 Jul 2012, Hot Topic! Money and Support ... Ami Chen reflects on the myriad ways we think about money & "success," what abundance is and means, and the difference between "money" and "support." Call-in's to the show are welcomed. First of a series of spiritual "hot topics" that include money, sex, drugs, aging/dying, depression and other issues that are sometimes avoided in "spiritual" conversations--and so, often go unaddressed, and unquestioned, to our collective detriment.

12. Return to Intimacy with Robert Jackson Fri, 27 Jul 2012, A profound dialogue with Robert Jackson, of "A Quiet Mind," a popular website & podcast. In 2005, Robert realized a profound spiritual insight that led him to investigate the truth of who we are, why we are here, and what happens when we die. Ami's "spiritual brother," Robert shares his story & discusses intimacy with the self, as reunion with reality, as it is now, beyond thoughts and thinking.

13. Aloha from the Hawaiian Islands! Fri, 10 Aug 2012, Relax! Receive! ... Ami broadcasts live from Kauai, sharing the aloha spirit with readings from Sydney Banks' Hawaii-based novels, as well as from other spiritual teachers who lived on, or share a love of the islands: Joel Goldsmith, Gangaji, Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione ... Share in the gentleness of love and welcome that is embodied in the word: Aloha!

14. Spirituality for Dummies! Fri, 24 Aug 2012, A return to simple, formless Principles for understanding life that any "dummy" can understand ... After six months of interviews, dialogues and sharing her own story, Ami revisits the simple principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought that underlie all belief systems. With an understanding of these Principles, everyday life becomes easier, and our connection to, our oneness with, the whole of life, more apparent--no matter what our religion, philosophy or spiritual tradition.

15. Listen! Fri, 14 Sep 2012 15, Listen! What is deep and quiet listening, beyond our pre-conceived notions, our ideas, our beliefs, and who we think we are? How does listening connect us more fully to others and to ourselves? How might listening unleash greater cooperation, increased efficiency and a happier family life? Might quiet listening even impact our vitriolic political climate? Listen and find out!

16. Living with Ease in the Unknown Fri, 28 Sep 2012, Ami and special guest Gabriela Maldonado-Montano talk about living in the unknown with less fear and greater ease. Psychologically, spiritually, physically, circumstantially, as human beings, we often find ourselves in the heart of the "unknown." Can we trust this space, and find peace and discovery within the mystery of not knowing?

17. The Trap of "Application" Fri, 12 Oct 2012, From our personal lives to our work, and even toward "saving the world," applying spiritual principles to improve our lives, or the lives of others can become a trap that limits our own understanding and growth. With special guest Robert Jackson of the "A Quiet Mind" (and Ami's Soul Brother!)

18. On Seeking vs. Finding with Dr. Dicken Bettinger Thu, 1 Nov 2012, Join Ami and Dicken for a reflective dialogue on the difference between "bouncing around" in the self-help, spiritual and/or 3 Principles world, and listening more deeply to "go within." What does seeking mean? What does finding mean? Listen and find out!

19. On Aging, Death & Dying Fri, 9 Nov 2012, Ami is joined by very special guest Clytee Lally Mills, MSN, RNCS, as they dialogue about the experience of aging, caretaking and the unique experience of going through the death of Ami's father and CSC co-founder Roger Mills, together. What do aging, death and dying have to teach us?

20. Home (Within!) for the Holidays Fri, 23 Nov 2012, In many lives, family and family histories create great stress during the holidays (and year round!) A time expected to be happy and bright can become frustrating, disappointing, even maddening. For those who are "alone," holidays can feel like pressure & more loneliness. Can we go home within ourselves for the holidays, and find there the feelings of joy and contentment we were expecting from the outside world? ... Regardless of our circumstances? Listen and find out!

21. Gangaji! On Aging, Death & Dying, Part II Sat, 15 Dec 2012, We spend so much of our lives on self-protection and selfenhancement, and in the end we die, anyway! A cruel joke, or a beautiful and boundless opportunity to face the deep mystery of life, to explore the form and the formless? Call in's welcome, as we look, together, at this Mother of all fears ... with one of the most profound spiritual teachers of our day. What do aging, death and dying have to teach us, NOW, before we physically die?

22. Chrismakkah Holiday Special! Sat, 29 Dec 2012, Readings from Jesus, as well as other Jewish masters and mystics. A new take on the crucifixion, and moving from "littleness" to "magnitude." Go within this wintry, holiday season with a show to nourish the heart and soul, and plant the seeds for re-birth & renewal!

23. Depression: Gateway to the Self Sun, 10 Feb 2013, Speaking from her own personal experience of depression, Ami addresses this profound "crisis" of a human lifetime from the perspective of Thought, Consciousness and Mind (universal Mind). What happens when we "surrender" to depression, and all negative emotions? When we stop fighting, and become open, curious, willing to go beyond the personal thought system and personal "effort"?

24. Natural Parenting Fri, 22 Feb 2013, Avoid common mistakes most parents make, and learn to parent from the heart, and to more deeply enjoy your children. Ami addresses, from her personal experience, some of the most deep seated fears parents can have about their children, and their own parenting. Can a change of heart and mind, now, change everything? Yes!

25. Natural Parenting, Part II Fri, 8 Mar 2013, What is the true meaning of "discipline"? How can we enjoy our children more? Parental guilt, making assumptions about our childrens' motives, and riding out the rough spots ... with readings from Ami's favorite parenting authors.

26. The Essence of Well Being  Fri, 22 Mar 2013, What is the essence of well being? What do we discover when we no longer identify with our thoughts? Is "spiritual" well being the same as mental health, sanity and simple common sense? Join host Ami Chen as she dialogues with Dr. Dicken Bettinger, globally renown 3 Principles psychologist, on the nature of well being, where it lies, and how to find it!

27. True Mental Health with Dr. Bill Pettit Fri, 12 Apr 2013, How do the Principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought address psychiatric disorders? Dr. Pettit is one of a few psychiatrists with a long (30+ year) history studying and sharing these transformative Principles with patients. His groundbreaking work has been featured at international conferences, applied in major hospital settings, and transcends the current understanding of what is possible for mental health consumers.

28. Finding Resiliency Under Stress Fri, 24 May 2013, Psychologist Joe Bailey is author of The Serenity Principle, Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, and Fear Proof Your Life. Bailey has worked with police officers, health care and human services workers, and others in high-stress situations. He has specialized in writing about fear and addiction in relation to the psycho-spiritual Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. He is co-author of Slowing Down to the Speed of Life with the late Dr. Richard Carlson, author of the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff series.

29. Things I Know for Sure: Fri, 14 Jun 2013, A reflection on the Truth as it has manifested for Ami Chen over 40-some years, and as someone who, as a child, was immersed in the world of the Three Principles of Mr. Sydney Banks. Ami speaks from her experience as as an avid reader, writer and journalist, a researcher, a scholar and lover of many spiritual traditions. Ami reflects on what these many various traditions have in common. What is the common truth we might all be able to trust in? How do the Three Principles relate to that truth?

30. Enlightenment: What's the Deal? Fri, 26 Jul 2013, Live with Gangaji! ... What is enlightenment, anyway? Do our ideas about it get in the way of discovering our Selves, our core peace and happiness, NOW? What is the relationship between moods, or states of mind and pure consciousness, or awareness? Can one be enlightened and grumpy, sad, angry? What's the deal? ... Join Ami Chen as she dialogues with one of the most beloved spiritual teachers and "enlightened" individuals of our time.

31. The Roots of Suffering Fri, 23 Aug 2013, Desire, greed, violence, injustice ... How do spirituality and the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought relate to the very "real" problems we see on the planet today--including war, poverty, hunger, abuse of all sorts, and environmental degradation? Although human beings have been putting their intellects toward solving such problems for centuries, and even eons, why do they continue? Where do we truly begin when we want to "save the world?"

32. Roots of Suffering, Part II Fri, 13 Sep 2013, Continuing the dialogue on how formless spirituality and the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought relate to the very "real" problems we see on the planet today--including violence, war, poverty, greed, hunger and environmental degradation.

33. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll! Hot Topics Part II Fri, 11 Oct 2013, Discussions about sex and spirituality often focus on enhancing sexuality via spirituality, or abstaining from sex altogether. Is there a middle ground? What is the role of sex in spirituality? Can "desire" be understood through the Principles of Thought, Consciousness and Mind? When does "desire" become destructive? Ami touches on this, and the view of drug and alcohol addiction through a 3P perspective, as well as power--the desire for it, and what that can do to mental wellbeing.

34. REAL-ationship Fri, 8 Nov 2013, Featuring Gabriela Maldonado-Montano. If we have been involved in self-help or spirituality, including the 3 Principles, we may feel as though our love, and other relationships should be just about "perfect" by now. Intimate and close, family relationships, however, are often where the "rubber meets the road" in terms of our egos, and our understanding. Ami & Gabby share their personal experiences with REAL-ationship, and the insights and changes sparked by the coming together of separate realities.

35. Loving Our Suffering with Dr. Laurie Moore Fri, 22 Nov 2013, Is suffering chosen? Is it delusional? Is it the absence of spiritual awakening? Is it solely the result of the mind's attempts to shape reality into what reality isn't? Or is suffering the heart ache that can open us up into whole love? Is the lack of suffering delusional? Is suffering what motivates us to be responsible for the realities we generate? Join Ami as she begins her "local yokel" occasional series with Bay Area-based leaders and lights.

36. The Spirituality of Animals Fri, 13 Dec 2013 with Dr. Laurie Moore ... Now for something completely different! ... What can animals teach us about the nature of life? Like watching children, can our simple observations and listening deeply to animals reveal a profound truth about being-ness? Unconditional peace; the capacity to generate love in any situation; bliss within any circumstance; and the experience of oneness--all are within the realm of animal experience (humans included!). Listen in with one of the foremost "animal communicators" of our day.

37. Listener Appreciation! Sun, 29 Dec 2013 An end-of-year show with Ami Chen, addressing listeners' questions and comments, including: Does a healthy mind heal your body? What is our true identity? What is the value of being present? And: Should we use the gift of Thought to create our lives? ... With holiday "gifts" of special readings, a list of Ami's favorite shows, and special thanks to sponsors and loyal supporters. Love to you!

38. Advanced Human Studies! Fri, 10 Jan 2014 Beyond our personal problems and concerns, is there a deeper reality that both connects us as human and animal beings--and can help to heal the many ills of this planet, and our societies? What is it to become an “advanced” human? Do you have what it takes? What does it take? Ami Chen leads this conversation. 

39. Advanced Human Studies, Part II Fri, 24 Jan 2014 ... continuing the conversation and readings, with a focus on Thought and identity, the root of all psychological suffering.

40. Tales of Burning Love! The Valentine's Day Show Fri, 14 Feb 2014 Join Ami as she reads letters and emails, and dialogues with listeners about the power of Love, including Self Love, as released in and from each of us as we understand the nature of Thought and realize that universal Consciousness and life energy (Mind) that we truly are. True stories of transformational power. A sweet show, simply about LOVE.

41. An Ocean in Mind Fri, 28 Feb 2014 A look at the spirituality of ecology, of our planet, with a focus on the current condition of the oceans, worldwide. What does it mean to sense our interconnectedness with the seas, and all of Earth? If we feel this connection, what can be done to help on the individual level? With globally televised Denny Takahashi-Kelso, of The Ocean Conservancy who worked on the BP spill in the Gulf, and on major Alaskan spills (part of the Monterey Bay "Local Yokels" series.)

42. Tales of Burning Love Part II Fri, 11 Apr 2014 In which Ami gets to some of the letters listeners have sent in about LOVE, and discusses the source and nature of True Love, the love of Being.

43. Freedom in Family Fri, 25 Apr 2014 Featuring Jen Lucas ... Ram Dass said: "If you think you're enlightened, go spend a week with your family." Join Ami and her special guest Jen Lucas, a mom and fiancé, to talk about the freedom that can be found within the whole "family thing." What does freedom in family look like? Jen has a great interest in what we do with the "idea" of family, and as a 3 Principles educator, has a passion for sharing the real potential for simplicity and freedom in any family.

44. Money & Support, Part II Fri, 23 May 2014 Ami continues with our "hot topic" of money, and how we are supported by Life. Money, like sex, is something society tends to "think a lot about." Whether we fear money, love money or are confused about money, is there a way to see money through a more spiritual lens, in a more neutral, graceful way? Yes!

45. The Essential Curriculum: Mind, Consciousness & Thought in Schools Fri, 13 Jun 2014 Ami Chen, new author of "State of Mind in the Classroom," dialogues with former school administrator Barb Aust, new author of "The Essential Curriculum,“ about the essential curriculum for all schools. "We bring the essential curriculum with us from inside – to make the difference in kids’ lives," says Barb. If we come from a loving place, respect people, with compassion and caring, our “come from” makes a huge difference in a school. How do we get to this loving place in ourselves so we can become better educators, caregivers and parents?

46. The Essential Curriculum Part II Fri, 27 Jun 2014 Ami Chen & Barb Aust continue their dialogue on Thought, Consciousness, and state of mind in schools, and how much of a difference we could make with kids if we turned to our attention to "the essential curriculum" with love and compassion at core.

47. Mental Illness is Curable Fri, 25 Jul 2014 Psychiatrist Dr. Bill Pettit joins Ami Chen in discussion about our current, somewhat static views of "mental illness," and the fact that many who have been diagnosed have recovered from their illnesses. What is the relationship of Thought, and the principles of Mind and Consciousness to mental illness? To mental health? According to Dr. Pettit, mental health is the "default setting" for human beings, when we are not using the divine gift of Thought (innocently) against ourselves..