Editorial and Creative Consulting

As a three-time author and former award-winning investigative journalist of more than a decade, Ami offers editorial and creative consulting to book projects founded in the Three Principles, and/or on spiritual truth generally.

"While I was completing my book, Ami worked with me on technical aspects of my writing. I was able to apply her guidance to the whole of my book ... It was an incredibly valuable process. Ami is not only a skilled writer and author, but she also happens to be a wonderful teacher and guide, with a deep understanding of the spiritual nature of life ... If you get the opportunity to work with her, I cannot recommend it highly enough!"

Chantal Burns, consultant, coach and author of the international bestseller: Instant Motivation: the Surprising Truth Behind What Really Drives Top Performance


Past Projects and Recognitions:

  • Staff writer, and on-call editor for Metro (Silicon Valley) and Metro Santa Cruz (currently, The Good Times)
  • Two First Place CNPA (California Newspaper Publishers Association) awards: investigative & environmental journalism
  • Nominee (one of three nationally) James Beard Foundation, Food News Writing
  • Managing Editor, Entrepreneur of the Year Magazine, Ernst & Young
  • Two-time Residency Award, The Mesa Refuge Writers' Retreat 
  • Edited The Missing Link: Reflections on Philosophy and Spirit, by Sydney Banks
  • Editorial Consult for Instant Motivation: The Surprising Truth Behind What Really Drives Top Performance, by Chantal Burns
  • Editorial and Creative Consultant for The Shimmering Secret, a children's book by Karla Hansen
  • Editorial Consult for Exquisite Mind, by Terry Rubenstein
  • Author of The Spark Inside: A Special Book for Youth, and State of Mind in the Classroom, Thought, Consciousness and the Essential Curriculum for Healthy Learning
  • Author of monthly blog on innate wellness and resiliency and principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought
  • Freelance articles and op-ed pieces for The Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Francisco Chronicle, The San Francisco Examiner,  and The San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle Sunday Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Glamour, Entrepreneur of the Year, Mother Jones
  • Editor of The Health Realization Primer (currently out of print) by Roger Mills and Elsie Spittle

 Because of the high volume of manuscripts received for review, we ask that you submit your manuscript by hard copy and snail mail for:

  • Review for a possible review quote (no charge) or ...
  • If you are seeking editorial consult services, submit 20 pages only, as application, with a brief description of your goals and the intended audience for your book. Please contact us for mailing address, fees and further information.

Editorial and Creative Consultant Services Include:

  • Review of manuscript, including grammatical and style edits, and editorial suggestions geared toward creating a stronger writer, overall. Creative consult focuses on overall structure and tone of book, including alignment to Principles (if applicable), clarity, plot and other relevant areas for making project stronger and more readable. One to three Skype or Zoom sessions are included, to review suggested edits and changes, and to target overall writing and style changes to benefit the author, moving forward.